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The Brief

My friend Andy came to me with a loaded question: “How do I brand myself?”

Well-known for wearing bowties and the color red, he had worked with a designer to come up with his logo. Now the real work was to begin.

We moved his blog content from a free website and built a custom WordPress site that reflected his personal brand and positioning in healthcare, and more specifically, radiation oncology.

With the site built, we moved to the next platform, podcasting. Andy has been a prolific Twitter user and has amassed a good following on there. Writing has been a staple to his weekly routine, and so we worked together to create the podcast, “At The End of the Day.”

The Needs

A New Website

Taking stock of the rudimentary analytics that a site can provide, and the content of Andy’s Twitter (@cancergeek) that garnered the most attention, we noticed what people wanted to know about him and his brand. We used this information to create the site and the 5 most important parts of what his work entails.



A website can be as much of a platform as it is a new version of the business card for individuals. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight Andy’s credentials, thought leadership, specific works, and push that through the site.

A strategy that entails newsletters leading back to the site, Twitter content linking back to the blog posts, and regular-scheduled content is all wrapped up in the site and getting traffic there.


Content Creation

Working with Andy and all the data at hand we came up with a game plan for the type of content he should focus on writing, as well as a content creation schedule to best optimize his time.

With the podcast, we co-host, edit, and produce “At the End of the Day.”

The Results

A New Website

Migration of the blog content from the site to the newly self-hosted site was the first priority, and the developers at Automattic that created WordPress made this extremely simple.

Keeping with the simple branding of red, white, and black, we made sure to make everything as responsive and easy to access for all users.



The strategy is all designed to continue to push Andy and his Cancergeek persona into the forefront of thought leadership in healthcare and radiation oncology.

The direction is to focus on the niche of radiation oncology and to drive his name and brand to be the top of the list.

We have accomplished this by a consistent content strategy and deployment schedule.


Content Creation

Beyond the schedule for content, we co-host, edit, and produce the podcast for Andy.


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