Ecosystem North

  • Graphic Design & Identity
  • Content Creation

The Brief

Through a conversation at the co-working space Collider with the host of the podcast Ecosystem North, they shared that they didn’t have a brand or logo at the time of launch.

One philosophy we hold is to “give before you get.” This has not only opened many doors over the years, but allows us to help those who are just starting out to look like professional brands with some pro-bono time we allot. 

I took some feedback and with my early-morning coffee in hand, we collaborated in building a brand for the podcast. Here are the results.

The Needs

Logo Design

Something that reflected Minnesota with an easy-to-read font that is Minnesota and “campy” in feel.


Brand Guidelines

Beyond a logo every client we work with receives the basics of color guidelines as well as various layout options as you will see below.

The Results

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.