Hippo Technologies, Inc.

  • User-Experience Design
  • Content Creation
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design & Identity

The Brief

2020 started with a referral to two individuals looking to spin a company out of an already global business, taking their product from those industries & into healthcare.

Starting with a workshop on finding the right naming convention we moved to logo design & branding the business.

Things picked up quickly after that & we built & iterated the website design as the company grew to over 20 individuals.

We also took responsibility for strategic digital marketing planning, User-Interface design for the medical device, User-Experience feedback loops, as well as the development of holding company spin-offs.

Our relationship with Hippo Technologies, Inc. is ongoing and we are thrilled at their global presence built in less than one year!

The Needs

Complete Branding

Extensive trademark research went into our initial phase of creating a business name & brand to avoid future issues.

We created all branding aspects for the company as well as assets for overseas partners and re-sellers.


Web Site & More

Beyond the website, for external facing audiences we built & maintained an intranet for the team.

We also became the de facto Google Workplace Admin, managing all user needs, Google Apps, integrations, & technical needs in coordination with the CTO.


Content Creation

User manuals, sales brochures, device skins, pitch decks, investor decks & marketing materials are just the beginning of materials created.

We also worked with internal teams to create proper workflows with a dedicated CRM, a dedicated user portal & more.


App User Interface

The medical device utilized an Android OS, & with our User-Experience Research, it was determined the interface needed a complete re-design & new workflow.

Utilizing Android’s Material Design language, we employed design thinking principles and user feedback to re-design the interface & workflow of the app to simplify the process for any healthcare staff to pick up & use the device without any prior training.

The Results

The Branding

Starting a ground zero we worked wit the client to find the best name and brand identity for the industry and business.

We ran into some potential future trademark issues with the first name, so we pivoted to one of the second choices and worked with Hippo as a play on the Hippocrates Oath.

Boiling down the brand to one key phrase was a very easy workshop, as the client knew distinctly why they were starting this business:

Knowledge Without BoundariesTM


The Website

The website started simply enough to be a landing page for the company and the first product. Over time we built out pages as the team grew, media became available, and the use cases prospered.

Beyond the website, we were in charge of developing an intranet on Google Sites, which we won’t feature here for obvious reasons.

The other role we played was the Google Workplace Admin. We managed all accounts, settings, shared Drives, and more for the company as it grew.


Content Creation

From business cards to letterheads, mockups, and user manuals, we were working with the PR and Marketing team to make sure everyone had the materials they needed. 


App User Interface

The original interface for the HMT-1 was a v0.1 design and was in desperate need of an overhaul in usability and adherence to Android’s Material Design UX.

Working with the CTO and user feedback we redesigned the UI from the ground up to make it as simple as possible. 

The goal was to have any physician, practitioner, nurse, or EMT to pick up an HMT-1 and use it with no prior knowledge of the device.

These 3 screenshots are not the entire workflow and are omitted on purpose for IP and design protection.


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