Roca Climbing & Fitness

  • User-Experience Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Content Creation
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing

The Brief

Roca Climbing & Fitness is a fantastic indoor climbing gym with yoga and a fitness gym all in one location.

The owners were maintaining their original website, built on WordPress, and getting overwhelmed with making edits and changes, and the overall options WordPress offers. 

They came to us with a need to rebuild their website on an easier back-end platform with a smaller learning curve for maintenance.

The Needs

A New Website

Making it as easy as possible for the owners to edit and maintain the website on their own was priority #1. So we chose Squarespace as a go-to platform for their site.

Design Thinking

Doing research on Google Analytics for the history of their original site, it was evident that nearly 95% of their web traffic was to seven pages. The remaining 5% were to various event pages (static) and seasonal pages that were built.

Digital Marketing

One key aspect of what Roca has built is their community. Once you walk into Roca, even if it’s your first time there, you feel like you are friends with everyone. There’s an atmosphere of helping everyone to do their personal best, and to respect everyone that comes in. 

The Results

A New Website

Utilizing User-Experience Design, we created a customer-journey map to understand the role of the website in the flow of their customer conversion, as well as the needs for the website.

With the analytics and interviews with members, it became evident that the website is to make it as easy as possible to get people to try Roca Climbing and Fitness. We focused on the seven pages bringing 95% of the web traffic as the main navigation to the site, as well as the content needed for inquiries and those interested in climbing.

Design Thinking

With our customer-journey map, we identified the “roles” that the various marketing efforts play. Having these identified really helps all parties to be on the same page of processes and workflows to content creation, information navigation, and customer support.

For example, we utilize their automated email marketing system to assist in covering many FAQ requests that pop up after a first visit.

We also identified how to utilize social media networks specifically for what groups, events, and teams, so that they are most effective with their intended audience.

Digital Marketing

Not to give away all the secret sauce, we utilized our research and information to create customized content calendars for each social network, what triggers to identify for email marketing, and most importantly, how to say “no” to the hundreds of requests coming to the owners.

The root goal is to empower the owners to do what they do best and automate/delegate as much as possible to allow them time to focus on growing the business and not maintaining it.

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